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Pre-Service will support you in becoming an anti-racist teacher leader, prepare you to provide your students with a high-quality education, and equip you to pursue a lifetime commitment to advancing educational equity and excellence. Throughout the summer and your first 90 days of teaching, you will build relationships with a network of systems-change leaders within your region and across the nationwide 2021 corps. You will engage in continuous and critical self-reflection and immediately put the lessons you learn into action in the classroom and beyond

TFA’s Pre-Service program takes place over five phases, beginning with Onboarding in May and extending through your first 90 days teaching in the fall. Throughout the Pre-Service experience, you will engage in a mix of synchronous sessions that you attend “live” with other corps members and asynchronous content you complete on your own time.

The Five Phases:


May 3rd - June 1st

∼25 hours part-time


June 2nd - 4th

∼15 hours part-time

1:00 - 6:30 p.m. EST

Centralized Learning Series I (CLS I)

June 7th - 17th

Full time

∼6 hours/day synchronous

∼2 hours/day asynchronous

Practicum + Centralized Learning Series II (CLS II)

Dates vary by region

Full time

4-5 days/week synchronous teaching (virtual or in-person)

∼5 hours/week asynchronous

First 90 Days + Centralized Learning Series III (CLS III)

Dates vary by region

Full time teaching

Meet 1-2 times monthly for CLS III

Learn more about what to expect during Pre-Service training.