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After the corps, your career path is limitless. You’ll be supported personally and professionally by our network as your career takes shape. Take a look at the fields alumni go into and the unique opportunities available to you.

Accelerate Your Leadership

Leaders are needed in all sectors in order for us to realize the day when all children have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.

Your classroom experience will undoubtedly give you perspective and inspiration, no matter what direction your career path takes. You may choose to continue to teach in high-need schools and communities after your two-year commitment, or you may choose to lead from other fields that shape the opportunities available to children. 

Approximately 80 percent of TFA alumni work in careers that have an impact on the education system or low-income communities, including more than 15,000 alumni who work as pre-K through 12th-grade teachers.

Alumni represent a variety of fields and sectors. See the career pathways of individual TFA alumni.


Alumni work in business


Alumni work in law


Alumni serve as policy, advocacy, or organizing leaders


Alumni work in medicine

Grad School Partnerships

During and after the corps, TFA can connect you to high-impact opportunities to continue your influence and accelerate your leadership trajectory. Read more on Grad School & Employer Partners.

Over 100 competitive graduate schools that value the unparalleled leadership, experience, and commitment you gain in the classroom provide benefits specifically for corps members and alumni. Explore our list of graduate school partners.

Employer Partnerships

We work alongside hundreds of top employers who actively pursue TFA alumni. These partners know that you’re positioned to lead and continue to advocate for opportunity well after your time in the classroom.

Corporate partners can offer internships, networking opportunities, and more benefits to TFA corps members and alumni.

If you’re considering opportunities with some of our country’s top employers as well as the chance to join TFA, read about the benefit of joining TFA before pursuing other opportunities in business, nonprofit, and education.

Corporate Deferral Process

Many of our employer partners will support you in deferring your offer to join their company, order to serve as a TFA corps member for two years.

Deferral are usually negotiated with hiring managers and vary based on the employer. If you’re considering an offer with one of our employer partners as well as an offer to join TFA, a two-year deferral with the employer may be an option for you. Reach out to our recruitment team to learn more. 

“The corps solidified my desire to make an impact on students on a larger scale. We live in a time of innovation, but many schools are stuck in traditional ways. As a teacher I was able to challenge that and integrate creativity and technology into my lessons and engage students. I still use these principles at Google.”

William Trang
Product Marketing Manager, Google
Los Angeles Corps Member 2008

TFA Connect BETA

TFA Connect BETA is an online platform to accelerate the connections among and careers of our large and growing alumni and corps member network. It enables alumni and corps members to connect to mission-aligned jobs, opportunities, and employers, and to seek and share career advice and resources.

Alumni Leadership Initiatives

TFA offers many opportunities for you to continue to grow, collaborate, and lead after the corps. Accelerate your leadership and career through our professional development and relationship-building programs and awards.

  • Capitol Hill Fellows Program

    A year-long program that places a group of TFA alumni in full-time, paid congressional staff positions on Capitol Hill. Read more.

  • Social Innovation Award

    An annual competition that brings together alumni and corps members who are early-stage entrepreneurs to compete for seed funding and engage in professional coaching. This award is intended to spark bold, new innovations that expand opportunities for students in low-income communities and address the root causes of educational inequity. Read more.

  • Rural School Leadership Academy

    This year-long program develops the knowledge and skills necessary for school leadership roles, specifically in rural regions, where there is a strong demand for committed, effective school leaders. Teachers who are interested in becoming leaders of rural schools as well as current mid-level rural school leaders are eligible and encouraged to apply. Read more.

  • Schools to Learn From

    Five excellent schools are chosen each year to be learning laboratories for alumni educators. Alumni educators apply to join other education leaders on two-day school visits, where they learn best practices and implement action plans in their own K-12 schools. Both schools and alumni are eligible to apply to be part of this annual program. Read more.

“In the corps, I learned how to work across lines of difference, how to have difficult conversations, how to be introspective and reflective, experienced social and emotional growth, and developed a whole new level of tenacity.”

Mariana Aguilar

Consultant at Deloitte

Los Angeles Corps Member 2012