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Training & Resources


We help corps members become strong classroom and community leaders, through a rigorous summer training program and extensive coaching, professional development, and other resources throughout the corps experience.

  • Teaching As Leadership Framework
  • Summer Training
  • Teacher Certification
  • Classroom Support
  • Alumni Support

The Teaching As Leadership (TAL) framework is based on the idea that great teachers operate like great leaders, and with such teachers, students will make transformative progress.

Before you begin teaching in your own classroom you’ll attend a multi-week summer institute and receive other programming. Locations for training will vary depending on regional assignment.

A degree in education isn’t a prerequisite to apply to the corps. However, nearly all corps members must receive a state-issued teaching credential, certificate, license, or permit to be hired by a school and must be considered highly qualified under federal law. Review the steps toward earning your certification.

Once in the classroom, you’ll receive individual and team coaching from your manager of teacher leadership and development (MTLD) and regional staff. You'll also have access to professional development and online resources. Learn more.

Alumni of Teach For America have access to resources and benefits that will help you continue to make an impact in the lives of kids, whether it's in education or other fields. Learn more about the alumni experience.

Reflections on Training

A middle-aged woman with straightened black chin-length hair smiling, wearing gold hoop earrings, a gold pendant necklace with a gold hoop, a gray blazer, and a white shirt.
Susan Asiyanbi
New Jersey 2001
Executive VP, Chief Operating Officer

It’s really about having a person who is rolling up their sleeves with you and really helping to remind you that you have these strengths and helping you see how to really utilize them day to day.

A close head shot of a young man with spiked black hair wearing red framed glasses and a white dress shirt, smiling in front of a purple background.
Jaime Ballesteros
Los Angeles 2014
Teacher, Green Dot Public Schools

My MTLD (Manager of Teacher Leadership and Development) and Real-Time Coach have been instrumental. They’ve helped me create a better classroom culture and streamline my lesson plans with practical advice and attention to my specific students’ needs.

An extreme close head shot of a young man with a shaved head, wearing black framed glasses and a brown sweater, smiling.
Chris Diaz
Jacksonville 2011
Manager of Teacher Leadership and Development

As a TFA alum, I use my experience in the classroom to make sure my corps members take the time to learn about their students’ interests and identities within the scope of the community.