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High-Need Regions High-Need Regions

As part of the Teach For America application process, you must select and rank 10 TFA regions where you want to teach. We strongly encourage you to consider ranking a region we’ve designated as “high need.” Read more about this requirement and the five regions currently designated high need. 

Selecting High-Need Regions

Of the 50 regions where corps members work, there are some regions where the need for corps members is particularly high. While all regions offer rich opportunities and have a need for exceptional teachers, some regions dont always have the number of corps members they need to successfully work toward their goals. 

As a result, approximately four to five regions are designated “high-need” regions, and we work to place as many corps members in those regions as possible. These regions occasionally shift during the application season, as regions meet their specific needs.

Currently, the high-need regions are:

As you think about where you might like to teach if you’re accepted to Teach For America, we ask that you strongly consider one or more of these regions. Learn more about the placement process.

Greater Delta: Mississippi and Arkansas

The story of Teach For America’s work in the Greater Delta is nearly 30 years in the making but built on a rich history that stretches back much further. What we have learned since our first cohort, in 1991, is that to set students on a trajectory towards access and opportunity, they must have competence in three things: literacy, leadership, and wellness.


Over the last decade, Indianapolis (affectionately known as "Indy") has risen as a national leader on the front lines of innovation in P-12 education. More than any other urban city in the country, you'll find schools, communities, nonprofits, government entities, companies, and foundations working together towards a common mission of equity for our kids.

Kansas City 

Kansas City is known for its barbecue—and also a first Friday art event that takes place each month in the city’s Crossroads District, attracting thousands of residents. This heartland city is home to hundreds of fountains, as well as several colleges and universities. 

Teach For America Kansas City was founded in 2008, and since then, corps members and alumni have embraced the possibility of educational reform, partnering with the Kansas City Public School District, as well as charter schools throughout the metro area. Seventy percent of corps members in the region go on to teach a third year; alumni also go on to lead educational policy, work for nonprofits, and become school leaders. 


Idaho may be one of the United States’ best kept secrets. Sometimes confused with Ohio and Iowa, or talked about in relation to its famous potatoes, Idaho has a lot more to offer than many people outside the state realize. More and more Idahoans are recognizing the inequity that exists within our public schools and are calling for change. Policy makers from both sides of the aisle increasingly recognize their responsibility to enact legislation and policies that expand access for Idaho kids.

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