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Student reading with Corps Member working in the background of classroom.

Join TFA as a DACA recipient and have a profound impact on students around the country while serving as an ally and role model.

Teach For America Supports DACA

There are countless children living in the shadows in our country, being denied the opportunity to pursue an excellent education.

A teacher is often the first adult an undocumented student will ask for help. As a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipient, you know first-hand the concerns that undocumented kids face, whether or not you choose to share your background with students.

Every TFA corps member can be an ally for children, but you can be an additional inspiration and offer guidance based on your background. That’s why we actively recruit DACA recipients for our corps. 

Where DACA Recipients Teach

Today, we have more than 300 DACAmented leaders in our network, reaching thousands of students across several states.

Corps members who are DACA recipients can teach in the following regions:

  • West: Bay Area, Colorado, Los Angeles, Washington State, Las Vegas Valley, Hawai’i”
  • Southwest: Dallas–Fort Worth, Houston, Phoenix, Rio Grande Valley, San Antonio
  • Midwest: Greater Chicago–Northwest Indiana, Milwaukee, Ohio
  • Southeast: Memphis, Metro Atlanta, Nashville, Jacksonville and Central Florida
  • East: New York, D.C. Region, New Jersey
  • New England: Connecticut, Massachusetts
“Throughout education, teachers are always asked, ‘why?’ Why do we do this work? My ‘why’ is to provide an outlet of comfort and openness to students—to ensure that students know that someone outside of their home is in their corner. ”

Yanicka Peter

New York City Corps Member 2016

Application Information For DACA Recipients

Since 2013, Teach For America DACA corps members have done incredible work in classrooms across the country. They serve not just as classroom leaders, but as role models to their students. The work they do every day is important and we stand with our DACAmented teachers.

We were devastated by the September 5, 2017, announcement to rescind DACA and the negative impact it has had on thousands of young people, including the students of about 300 DACAmented corps members and alumni. While it is unknown whether Congress will take action to maintain a pathway for DACAmented individuals to work, Teach For America will continue to be open to DACA recipients. On December 4, 2020, a federal judge ordered the federal government to fully reinstate DACA. At Teach For America, we are heartened by this court order, but we understand that a legislative solution with a pathway to citizenship is still necessary.

We are monitoring policy regarding DACA recipients carefully and will share updates as we know them. In the meantime, if you have questions regarding our policies for DACA recipients, please contact


TFA is committed to accepting DACA recipients into the corps and doing everything we can to anticipate barriers and provide support. Below is more about what we currently know. If you still have questions, please email our DACA support team.

Resources for Creating Safe Spaces

Creating safe spaces for students is a priority at Teach For America.

All students deserve to attend schools where their intellectual, emotional, and social needs are met and where learning thrives.

To support safe learning environments, we’ve compiled a list of resources for educators who work with students in marginalized communities. Please also see the #HomeIsHere Toolkit for PreK-12 Educators, Leaders, and Policymakers.