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In less than a decade we've helped bring about significant changes for our students and communities, despite deep levels of income inequality in the state.
Students at Elm City College Prep in New Haven, Connecticut, take two 40-minute electives each day, like this music class.
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Our program is centered around our vibrant urban centers in Connecticut: Hartford, New Haven, and Bridgeport. Our City Teams foster partnerships with leaders and organizations in their cities to build coalitions. They are working in partnership with students, families, educators, and community leaders to develop a contextualized vision for student success. The result? Deeper relationships, community  centered, stronger networks, and greater impact. 

Our network extends beyond city limits as more than 800 alumni are contributing to long-term leadership in classrooms, in school and district leadership, in nonprofits, civic leadership, and across sectors to influence positive progress toward our state’s promise an excellent education for all kids. 

A growing number of examples prove that when students’ needs are supported, when they are held to high expectations, and when their leadership is recognized, all students have the potential to succeed. Alongside our school communities and in partnership with equity champions across the state, we are working to ensure that these examples are no longer the exception, but the rule.

Living Here

Connecticut might be only 170 miles long, but it's packed with charming towns, scenic country roads, and vibrant urban centers. Whether it's enjoying the dynamic food and culture in our capitol city of Hartford, some of the best pizza in the country in New Haven, or spending summer days along the shoreline you will always find plenty of activities. In fact, your students and their families will give you the best highlights of all. From the best soul food and Caribbean food in Bridgeport to the International Festival of Arts and Ideas on the New Haven Green near Yale University, or the incredible farm-to-table coffee spots in Hartford, you'll discover all the gems within our urban centers. Connecticut is also full of lakes, hiking trails, vineyards, beaches, and year-round activities. A quick hike along the Appalachian Trail or a weekend of paddle-boarding is only a short walk or drive away. No matter where you reside, you’ll be part of a tight-knit, welcoming, and adventurous community.

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“TFA has had an incredible impact on my life. It showed me that I have a role to play in making changes in the education system. I continue to teach because I believe in my students and love my city for all its history, flaws, beauty, and people. Change is rooted in communities. As educators, we will play a lot of roles in students’ lives, including helping students find their voice and be ready to function in the world, and in their families.”

Ricardo Alvelo

Connecticut Corps Member 2018

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