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Many Teach For America alumni take the lessons learned in the classroom with them to the nonprofit sector, where they continue working to make the world a better, more equitable place alongside passionate and like-minded individuals.

From founding nonprofit organizations to supporting their strategic vision, Teach For America alumni are channeling their leadership and goal-setting skills into nonprofit work that continues to support kids and advances the movement to make education equity a reality for all. Teach For America prepares professionals for a life of purposeful work in the nonprofit sector, all starting with two years leading a  classroom.

Make an impact and build new skills that will pave the way for a career in the nonprofit sector.


“Very few jobs can provide you with the same level of responsibility, intensity, and experience as TFA, especially so early in your career. It was a crash course in leadership.”

Anjali Malipatil

Head of Philanthropy, PDT Partners

New York Corps Member 2006

Meet Teach For America Alumni Who Are Nonprofit Professionals

Charli Cooksey

St. Louis '09

Founder and CEO


Charli’s experience teaching in her hometown showed her what’s at stake—and what’s possible—when a great education hangs in the balance. As the co-founder of inspireSTL and current CEO of WEPOWER, she’s part of an incredible network of St. Louis leaders expanding opportunities for kids. 

Anjali Malipatil

New York '06

Head of Philanthropy

PDT Partners

Anjali Malipatil lauds her time as a middle school science teacher for preparing her for a career as Head of Philanthropy at PDT Partners, a global investment manager that funds strategic grants and projects for nonprofits and schools.

Ben Sperling

Ben Sperling

Metro Atlanta '12

Co-Founder & Former COO, Board Member

Next Generation Men & Women

Ben Sperling's time in the classroom led him to create a nonprofit that brings college and career readiness to life for underserved students in Atlanta.

Lakota Mowrer

South Dakota '06

Executive Director

Four Bands Community Fund Inc.

As Executive Director of the Four Bands Community Fund, Lakota helps close the racial wealth gap for Native Americans.

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