Life on Staff

Our Values

Marquis Brown serves on Teach For America's staff as the Chief of Staff to the Chief Administrative Officer
Marquis Brown
Chief of Staff to the Chief Administrative Officer
"I've learned that diversity is such a key ingredient to great thinking, great hiring, and great teamwork. So many of the teams here are composed of such diverse staff from different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. It's amazing how all are united solely around our mission."
Shen Lim serves as the Vice President, Strategy & Administration on Teach For America's staff.
Shen Lim
Vice President, Strategy & Administration
"For me, the Team core value is most meaningful. I started my career in human resource consulting, and ever since I've felt strongly that we are at our best when we are part of a group that supports us to be our best."
Doryense Diaz serves as the Director, Applicant Development, Admissions on Teach For America's staff.
Dorenyse Diaz
Director, Applicant Development, Admissions
"Respect and Humility is the core value that means the most to me because I think our work needs to be based on affirming the humanity of our communities. This means we talk a little less about ourselves and learn to listen a lot more."

Our Commitment to Diversity


No matter what brings us to Teach For America, it’s the people who keep us here, day after day, year after year. Our staff is a community in the truest sense. We have each other’s backs. We strive to give hard and honest feedback. We seek to improve while listening carefully to each other’s perspectives. It’s not always easy, but we’re learning and growing and having some fun in the process. Learn more about our commitment to diversity.

Our Network

Our staff is strongly motivated by our mission. We work to make sure they stay connected to it, particularly those not working directly in the classrooms and communities we serve. Here are some of the ways we foster that connectivity.

  • Staff Resource Groups
  • Classroom Visits
  • Interviews With Corps Members
  • Daily & Weekly Press Briefings
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Staff Resource Groups

Many of our staff are active participants in at least one of our 30+ resource groups. These staff-led groups aim to foster a deep sense of community among people of shared interests and backgrounds, and are an important part of our life at Teach For America.

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Classroom Visits

Teams of staff members regularly organize and lead visits to our corps members’ classrooms, allowing staff to interact with kids, help with lessons, and participate in activities.​

Additionally, hundreds of staff members take day trips to one of our summer training institutes to get a glimpse into how Teach For America prepares our newest corps members.

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Interviews with Corps Members

Staff members get the opportunity to participate in “selection,” which is the process of interviewing applicants to our teacher corps. It’s a fun and meaningful way to interact with candidates who share our passion for expanding educational opportunities for kids.

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Daily & Weekly Press Briefings

Our national communications team sends daily and weekly emails to interested staff about press coverage that highlights education issues, major changes in education policy, and media coverage of Teach For America.

Our Commitment to Developing
Your Leadership

We take professional development very seriously. This begins on day one with staff members’ onboarding experiences and continues through their tenure as seasoned team managers.

  • Our Leadership Development System
  • Onboarding
  • Performance Reviews
  • Learning & Development Hub

Teach For America’s Leadership Development System provides a framework for staff growth and development and offers the following benefits:

  • Talent Matching: During the hiring process we match qualified individuals with roles that are appropriate for their skill-level and experience. 

  • Ongoing Training and Professional Development: All staff have opportunities to grow and advance to new roles with increased responsibilities. 

  • Retaining High-Performing Staff: By developing the leadership potential of all individuals, we can cultivate and retain high-performing staff across teams.

Our core values are at the heart of our Leadership Development System. The system is also rooted in three competency areas critical to Teach For America’s success:

  1. Building Relationships & Influencing Others: Building relationships and networks and effectively communicating with and aligning others with Teach For America’s goals.

  2. Operating & Managing: Managing people, processes, and initiatives in order to achieve organizational excellence.

  3. Reasoning & Strategic Thinking: Identification of opportunities, thoughtful analysis, and synthesis of data leading to strategic solutions.

These three competencies are used on an ongoing basis to set goals, mark progress, provide feedback, and identify areas of strength and opportunity.

Once a staff member accepts our offer, we begin to prepare for his or her success and comfort right away. There are four phases of our onboarding program:

  1. Pre-Boarding: Managers prepare a smooth transition for each new staff member by preparing a detailed day-by-day onboarding schedule they receive on their first day.

  2. First Week: Managers ensure that each new staff member has the materials and resources necessary to work effectively, including an office tour, a computer and phone equipment, and introductory meetings with other team members.

  3. First 30 Days: Each new staff member learns more about his/her role and expectations within the context of his/her team. New staff have conversations about expectations and working styles, what success looks like, and what relevant technical training is needed to achieve goals.

  4. First 90 Days: Manager and staff work together to reflect on New Hire Orientation, exchange feedback on how things are progressing, and discuss the degree to which the new hire is feeling integrated and what additional supports s/he needs.

All staff members receive a formal performance review at least once a year. Performance reviews evaluate a staff member’s work against the criteria established in the Leadership Development System.

The review is meant to be completely holistic, and includes feedback from managers, direct reports, and peers. Every staff member also completes a self-assessment, allowing them the opportunity to reflect on their own contributions and accomplishments throughout the year.

Some staff members opt to participate in a number of other performance enhancing exercises.

Because staff members need access to professional development resources outside of conferences and in­-person events, we created a Staff Learning & Development site. The site provides a hub for staff members to easily search for and find resources to meet their developmental needs.

Our Offices


Our offices reflect our core values and mission, with bright optimistic colors, open communal meeting spaces, and classroom-inspired décor.

Our Passion


We're proud to have been recognized as a great place to work by a handful of magazines and organizations. Our people, our focus on fostering an inclusive culture, our flexible work environment, and our dedication to leadership and career development have all made this possible.

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