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About Teach For America About Teach For America

Teach For America corps member Katrina Turner
  • Redefine What's Possible

    You will join an extraordinary, diverse community and teach alongside some of the most remarkable and passionate advocates of your generation. 

    As a corps member, you will have access to an unparalleled resource and support network that will help you go beyond traditional expectations to accelerate the academic and personal growth of your students. As you develop your leadership, you will gain context, clarity, and conviction to lead a life of impact from any sector or field you choose. Below is a chart of the kind support you can expect throughout your journey with Teach For America.

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How Change Happens

Teach For America corps members spend two years teaching in public schools, where they have a profound impact on their students, even as they are themselves changed.

Join the network of leaders that is changing the course of our nation.