Pre-K-12th Grade in 50 Regions Nationwide

Where You'll Teach

City lights come up in Detroit, MI.  Credit: Sagittarius

Disparities in education exist throughout the country - urban and rural, east coast to west, small towns and large. Teach For America works with our 50 regional offices to assign corps members to high-need areas.
Some of these areas have a greater need for Teach For America corps members than others. Currently, these high-priority regions include:
Teaching in one of these regions offers  you the opportunity to make a real impact in a community that needs more excellent teachers. 


What You'll Teach

It can be confusing to try and understand the various requirements, licenses and community needs that come into play when hiring teachers - all of which vary state by state, or even city by city. 
Regardless of your background, there is a community that will benefit from your unique skills and background – while taking your own preferences into consideration.
Many communities need teachers in important subject areas such as math and science—in fact, more than half of our regions need more math and science teachers. Demand is also high for educators in subject areas like early childhood education, Spanish/bilingual education and special education.   
What you’ll teach is ultimately decided by regional need, in addition to your preferences, coursework, major and/or GPA.

How We Assign Corps Members

You might have a subject in mind when considering Teach For America, and we know that choosing where you'll live and work for two years is a big decision. However, our top priority is expanding educational opportunities for the kids in our communities. This means their needs, in addition to state regulations, have the most weight in determining where, and what, you will teach as a corps member.
Your flexibility will allow you to make an impact where you are needed most. And you might really connect with a community you previously knew nothing about and with students of different ages than you imagined teaching. 
We take three things into account when determining each corps member’s assignment:
  1. Regional Need and Opportunity
  2. State Legal Certification Requirements
  3. Your Preferences

These factors help us determine where you're most needed and most qualified to start your teaching career.

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Spotlight: Oklahoma

Today, just 37 percent of Oklahoma's students graduate with an ACT score that will afford them entry into the state's two largest universities. But Oklahoma is a state that is ready for reform, and corps members have a seat a the decision making table. 

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Choose More. Teach.

All kids deserve the opportunity to choose their own paths in life. Choose to unlock opportunity. Check out stories from teachers, alumni, and supporters who are expanding opportunities for kids.

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Deciding Your Preferences

In the application process, you'll tell us what and where you'd prefer to teach. As you're considering your options, here are details we think are important.

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