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LaKeisha Wells-Palmer

LaKeisha Wells-Palmer

Executive Director

Teach For America Florida Regions

LaKeisha Wells-Palmer leads Teach For America's efforts as the Statewide Executive Director of Teach For America regions in Florida. With 21 years of experience in education, she serves as a champion for principals, teachers, and
students. She has spent the last 10 years at Teach For America, serving as the Executive Director of Jacksonville, Central Florida, and Miami-Dade following five years leading Jacksonville’s programmatic efforts.

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Meet Our Staff

Executive Director

LaKeisha Wells-Palmer

Senior Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer

Ryan Kyrola

Director, Advisory Board, Staff, & Executive Strategy and Engagement

Heather Ryan

Director, Operations, Data, & Impact

Emily Mayeda

Manager, Workplace, Finance, and Staff Operations

Koray Comert

Managing Director, School & District Partnerships, Matriculation and Onboarding

Xavier Suarez

Manager, Matriculation & Onboarding

Monique Rae Valerio

Senior Managing Director, Chief Program Officer

Megan Harley

Managing Director, Teacher Leadership Development - Jacksonville

Kiara Drummond

Director, Teacher Leadership Development

Zandra Bryant

Managing Director, Teacher Training & Systems Impact

Angel Arroyo

Managing Director, Alumni Strategy

Leah Palestrant

Managing Director, Chief External Affairs Officer

Von Johnson

Director, Communications & Marketing

Courtney Salazar

Manager, External Affairs

Frances Nevill