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What Racism Costs Everyone: An Evening with Heather McGhee What Racism Costs Everyone: An Evening with Heather McGhee

These days it can seem like unity and understanding are highly unlikely, if not downright impossible. For Heather McGhee, however, bridging divides is not only a possibility, but a necessity that she works to make a realty every day, With profound truth and grace, she demonstrates how harnessing the potential of embracing diversity in concrete ways - be it in our personal lives or the work wold - can strengthen democracy, equity and equality in society. Join us in a deep discussion with Heather on what racism is costing the Twin Cities and how we can prosper together.

What Racism Costs Everyone: An Evening with Heather McGhee

Featured Speaker: Heather McGhee

Heather designs and promotes solutions to inequality in America. In this empowering and compelling discussion, Heather McGhee will discuss white supremacy for what it is:  a self-defeating system, in which everyone suffers. She provides direction and action to people and institutions who want to fight racism, with the knowledge that it takes collective solidarity to create sustaining change. 

About the hosts:

The Twin Cities is often recognized as one of our nation's most livable communities; however, Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding cities are home to some of the greatest racial inequities in the country. The economic gulf between Black and white families is higher in Minneapolis than nearly anywhere else in America, $36,000 for Black families compared to $86,000 for white families (Washington Post). According to data from the US Department of Education Minnesota ranks last or second to last in the US for 4-year high school graduation for Black, LatinX, and Native American students. Teach For America and Educators for Excellence have been among the leading education organizations in Minnesota working together to remove barriers around education and racial disparities in our state to ensure more students learn, lead, and thrive.