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TFA Alumni

Wondering what you'll do after TFA? Countless career paths and countless ways to build a more equitable future for all await you. Our more than 65,000 TFA alumni lead and serve in many different ways and in virtually every field.
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Connected for Kids

TFA alumni represent diverse backgrounds, experiences, and career paths. But as lifelong colleagues, partners, and friends, they’re connected across generations and communities to our shared mission. Our more than 65,000 alumni lead and serve in many different ways and in virtually every field. Personally and collectively, alumni work as lifelong advocates for better educational opportunities and outcomes for kids. 

Take a look at just a handful of the fields TFA alumni go into, and learn how their experiences in the corps shaped their journeys. 

TFA Alumni in Education

After their first two years in the classroom, many TFA alumni decide to stay a lot longer. From a handful of years to a handful of decades, meet some of our alumni who've remained in education as teachers, school leaders, and school system leaders.

TFA Alumni in Civic Leadership

Time in the classroom gives our alumni proximity to better understand the systemic issues kids and communities face. Get to know alumni using that understanding to design and advocate for policies that serve their students' best interests.

TFA Alumni in Business

Teach For America alumni are bringing the leadership skills gained in the classroom to the boardroom. See alumni who, through careers in business, are advocating for corporate social responsibility and illuminating future pathways for their students.

TFA Alumni in Health & Medicine

Using lessons of empathy, patience, and critical thinking, meet TFA alumni who are infusing fresh perspectives into the medical field and advocating for more equitable healthcare as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, therapists, and more.

TFA Alumni in Law

From the classroom to the courtroom, get to know alumni leading a lifetime of impact as lawyers. They are using the lessons learned from their students and the knowledge gained in their law education to be advocates for equity.

TFA Alumni Leading Nonprofits

Young people experiencing poverty and/or systemic racism face many challenges. It will take a broad, accountable collective to address them. Meet alumni who are leading nonprofits alongside their former students and their communities.

TFA Alumni in Technology

Alumni who've entered the tech industry bring a wealth of curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving skills from their time in the classroom. See how they are developing technologies that expand opportunities for students.

TFA Alumni Social Entrepreneurs

Inspired by their students, alumni entrepreneurs are launching new ventures that tackle systemic social problems and improve outcomes in schools and communities.

TFA Alumni in Environmental Sustainability

Students growing up today are experiencing the impact of global climate change unlike any generation before. Meet the alumni partnering with communities, schools, and policymakers to build a more sustainable future.

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