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Teacher Prep Professional Learning Community Teacher Prep Professional Learning Community

Corps members in the classroom.

Gather virtually with a small group of your peers to process the rich and diverse realities of the students and communities we serve and get a head start on your preparation. Apply below by June 7 to be considered for the PLC!


In this professional learning community (PLC), you will begin to develop your foundational teaching skills and get a glimpse into what transformational teaching looks like. In addition, the PLC will dig into the possible shifts COVID-19 suggests for schools and prepare you with the skills necessary to navigate that unpredictability—skills like innovation, agility, and resilience that will serve you in your senior year of college, your classroom, and beyond. This virtual PLC will meet monthly in the summer and fall and engage in a series of teacher leader development experiences. See below for the schedule of PLC meetings and topics. Please note: It is essential that all participants are able to attend all five virtual meetings. 


Tentative Meeting Topic 


June 17


Welcome & Virtual Community Building


July 22


Teach For America’s Theory of Leadership and Understanding Self


August 19


Culturally Responsive Pedagogy & Teach For America’s Focus on Broader Student Outcomes


September 23


Teacher Certification


October 21


Classroom Preparation - Best practices for a strong first month in the classroom

Accelerate your preparedness to teach and lead with a community of like-minded peers. 

If you are feeling excited about your offer to join Teach For America and are committed to accepting your offer in the fall, we’re eager to help you get a head start on what it’ll take. This program will help teacher leaders: 

  • Learn and grow with peers who are curious to understand more about life as a teacher. 
  • Gain foundational teaching skills we know transformational teachers possess, such as culturally responsive pedagogy, relationship building, etc.
  • Dig into the possible scenarios COVID-19 poses for schooling long-term and practice the agility, resilience, and innovation necessary to navigate that uncertainty.

Who Can Participate?

All 2021 early admitted corps members who are committed to accepting their offer are welcome to apply. The PLC group will be capped at 30 participants.

You can apply here by June 7. All applicants will be notified of application decisions the week of June 8. If you have further questions, please contact us at