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Admissions and Program Overview

Find answers to the questions applicants ask the most about the TFA admissions process and two-year program. 
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Is TFA For You?

If you want to co-create a more equitable future for all of us alongside the country's brightest minds--its kids--TFA could be for you. Our corps members and alumni come from diverse backgrounds and experiences, yet they all have similar characteristics.

Core Beliefs Personal skills and abilities Leadership Qualities
A deep belief in the potential of all kids Innovation in the face of challenges Long-term commitment to reaching goals
Respect for individuals' diverse experiences Openness to feedback Capacity to set and attain ambitious goals
Attend your interview Ability to work in partnership with others Ability to think critically about any situation

Where Will You Teach?

Where Will You Teach?

TFA has more than 40 regions to which you can apply, ranging from large cities to rural communities. You decide where you will teach and have the greatest impact. During your application, you will select one region as your preferred choice, along with up to two alternates. The number of regions you select has no bearing on your admissions decision.

Regional Map

How Are Corps Members Compensated? 

As  corps member, you will be employed by a school district or charter network and receive the same salary, vacation, and comprehensive health benefits as other beginning teachers. Additional financial benefits from TFA may be available to help you transition to your new role.

Snapshot of corps member compensation:

  • Salary
  • Health insurance
  • Retirement benefits
  • Educator discounts
  • Transitional financial support stipends
  • Need-based funding is also available to those who qualify
  • Access to scholarships and benefits from grad schools and employers
  • AmeriCorps benefits, including federal loan forbearance, interest accrual payments, and education awards may be available*

 Learn more about compensation and benefits

How Will You Be Trained and Developed? 

How Will You Be Trained and Developed? 

Your leadership training program begins with a summer training experience that unites the entire year's corps, then gets tailored to your region. Throughout the experience, you will will receive one-on-one coaching from your regional team and access to our unparalleled network of support, including veteran educators, fellow corps members, TFA alumni, and others. 

What Happens After Two Years?

What Happens After Two Years?

After two years of teaching as a TFA corps member, you will join our alumni community. Your network will include career educators, civil rights attorneys, ed tech entrepreneurs, policymakers, socially conscious CEOs, and other professionals shaping a more equitable future from every sector. In addition, TFA offers employer and graduate school partnerships to support your long-term growth. 

nc alumni-led school

How Do You Apply?

Apply to the 2024 TFA corps by one of the application deadlines. The online application asks about your background and leadership experience. Sharing your reflections about meaningful accomplishments and your interest in joining TFA as a corps member will help us gain a deeper understanding of your skills, strengths, and experiences. The next step, if invited, is a virtual interview, during which you'll have the opportunity to learn more about TFA and network with fellow applicants, staff, and alumni.


  • Bachelor's degree by June 2024 with a 2.5 minimum undergraduate GPA**
  • U.S. citizenship, national/permanent resident status, or recipient of DACA***
Submit your application by 11:59 p.m. ET on Sept. 18 2023 Oct. 30 2023

Feb. 5 2024

Mar. 15 2024
2024 Critical Needs Deadline

Apr. 19 2024
Early Admission

Learn if you're invited to an interview (after 3 p.m. ET) Sept. 26 Nov. 8 Feb. 13 Mar. 22 Apr. 26
Interview sign-up and recommender contact info due Oct. 8 Nov. 15 Feb. 23 Mar. 30 May 3
Attend your interview Sept. 29 - Oct. 11 Nov. 12 - 18 Feb. 16 - 26 Mar. 26 - Apr. 2 Apr. 30 - May 6
Submit coursework info + confirm/update regions selected Oct. 12 - 13 Nov. 19 - 22 Feb. 27 - 29 Apr. 3 - 4 May 5 - 8
Learn your admissions decision + regional/subject placement (after 3 p.m. ET) Oct. 26 Dec. 6 Mar. 12 Apr. 15 May 20
Accept or decline your offer Nov. 3 Dec. 14 Mar. 20 Apr. 22 TBD

*Teach For America is currently a member of AmeriCorps. Given the nature of the AmeriCorps competitive grant process and the dependence on Congressional funding cycles, we cannot guarantee these benefits. Corps members must meet citizenship and service term requirements to be eligible for AmeriCorps membership and benefits. Per regulations, the AmeriCorps education award and interest accrual payments are taxable income for the year they are used. 

**The GPA requirement is mandated by our partner school districts and credentialing programs. Certain exceptions apply if you have a 2.5 graduate GPA. 

***Including corps members with Temporary Protection Status (TPS), aslyees, and refugees