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Carolyn Sallen-Thomas

Assistant Principal

KIPP Philadelphia Schools

Region: Colorado, '10

After gravitating toward social justice issues in college, Carolyn Sallen-Thomas joined the corps and subsequently branched out into school leadership.


Ryan Pavel

Chief Executive Officer

Warrior-Scholar Project

Region: Detroit, '12

Ryan Pavel served in the U.S. Marine Corps before teaching high school students in Detroit. He now leads the Warrior-Scholar Project, empowering veterans to succeed in higher education.


Jamie Bernstein


Frey & Associates

Region: New York, '13

Jamie saw firsthand the shortage of resources in low-income communities as a special education teacher. After the corps, Jamie dedicated her work in the field of philanthropy and social services to fight the very poverty that affected her students.


Rosaline Tio

Director of Research, Data, and Analytics

Charles R. Drew Charter School

Region: Metro Atlanta, '11

Rosaline says her experience as a high school math teacher has been invaluable in developing a nuanced lens for her career as a data analyst.

Theresa Kennelly Mooney

Teach For America

Region: Baltimore, '08

Theresa (Baltimore ’08) works as a recruitment strategist for Teach For America’s Marketing team.


Lorea Barturen

Product Marketing


Region: Colorado, '09

Lorea first got to see the everyday work, mission, and life of a corps member with TFA through her roommate. Soon after, Lorea traded in her consulting job at Accenture to join the corps, teaching high school Spanish—an experience that would lead to a purpose-driven career.

Christine Nishimura

Executive Director

Teach For America Austin

Region: Los Angeles, '06

Christine Nishimura (Los Angeles ’06) brings more than a decade of education and legal experience to her role as executive director for Austin.


Rupa Ramadurai

Senior Human Capital Consultant

IBIS Consulting Group

Region: Miami-Dade, '09

In Rupa Ramadurai's role as senior human capital consultant at IBIS Consulting Group, she helps organizations develop DEI hiring practices that promote equity.