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Students & Communities Stories


Principals Without a Playbook: Leadership Amid the Pandemic

by Michael Kress

March 18, 2020

Students & Communities

Teachers and Administrators, Encourage Students Like Me to Dream Big

by Aldo Medina

March 5, 2020

Students & Communities

Meet the Indianapolis Youths Sparking Community Change through Bold Leadership

by Lauren Hall

February 6, 2020

Black Community

The Legacy of Black Teachers in the Classroom

by The TFA Editorial Team

January 31, 2020

Schools to Learn From

This School Went All-In on Culture and Is Seeing Results

by Laura Zingg

January 16, 2020

Students & Communities

Rethinking Student Engagement

by Tony Byrd

December 20, 2019

Education & Issues

Turn of the Decade: Looking Back, Looking Forward

by The TFA Editorial Team

December 18, 2019


Teaching in the City That Raised Me

by The TFA Editorial Team

December 17, 2019

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