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A young female teacher with long straight black hair in a black dress stands up to speak at a school meeting.

Asian American & Pacific Islander Alliances

Less than 1.5% of our nation’s teachers identify as AAPI. We’re committed to increasing this percentage.

A group of high school students are led by a male teacher with dreadlocks down a school hallway, all smiling.

Black Community Alliances

Teachers who share the backgrounds of their students can do more than just teach their students—they lead by example and serves as role models.

An elementary school boy in a blue shirt laughs at his teacher's joke.

Diverse Learner Initiative

When teachers and students work together to meet each student’s unique learning needs, all students can achieve at high levels.

A middle-school aged girl at the front of a classroom, hiding behind her drawing she is showing off.

Early Childhood Education Initiative

Research shows that the opportunity gap begins before kindergarten, and widens over time. Our ECE teachers are helping close the gap.

A male and female teacher have a quick meeting, while three elementary school girls with brown hair in braids look on.

Latinx Alliances

One in six Latino students attends a high school where graduating isn’t the norm. We’re working hard to change that.

A female student's hand, holding a book open to read over her notebook.

LGBTQ Initiative

We can create an intersectional movement to end educational inequity by bringing more LGBTQ leaders to the classroom and ensuring safe environments for all students.

A middle-aged male teacher with a shaved head sits at a desk at the front of a classroom, looking pensive.

Military Veterans Initiative

Military veterans have an inherent dedication to service, leadership, and perseverance that makes them well suited to teach and become role models for students.

A young woman with long black hair and a bob watches a female high-school student working in front of a laptop and notebook in a library.

Native Alliance Initiative

Native children experience some of the highest levels of poverty in our country, which greatly affects their academic and life options. We work hand-in-hand with Native communities to help change this.

A young female teacher with long blonde hair works through a math problem on a handheld whiteboard at the front of a classroom.

STEM Initiative 

We are one of the largest providers of math and science teachers in the country. We’re working to grow the next generation of STEM leaders.