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What to Expect From Your Teach For America Interview

Here's what some past applicants told us about the experience of interviewing to be a corps member. 

By The TFA Editorial Team

February 21, 2019

The TFA Interview Experience

Past applicants tell us what it was like to interview to be a Teach For America corps member.

The day starts by gathering with other candidates in-person or virtually.

“I felt very comfortable and welcome in the safe space that was my virtual interview. I thought both [interviewers] did an excellent job of fostering community, particularly in a virtual format.”

“I really enjoyed my interview day. It felt like a comfortable, encouraging space.”


You’ll start by learning a little about your interviewers and fellow participants.  

“I thought the interviewers were very relatable. They were there for us, just as much as we were there for TFA.”

“Being in a room surrounded by passionate interviewees and interviewers made me extremely excited for the future.”


You’ll do a 5-minute sample teach and participate in a short group activity.

“I was impressed by the knowledge, experience, and problem-solving abilities of the other applicants. It was really a joy to brainstorm with them.”

“Meeting with the other candidates and seeing how mature and intelligent they were gave me a sense of confidence that there really is a lot of power behind what we're interested in doing.”


After a short break, one-on-one interviews will begin.

“The personal interview gave me a chance to define myself as a leader and articulate the motivations that drive me to teach.”

“They weren't the usual interview questions that I have been asked before, but they seemed to be more towards learning who I was and not just how I worked.”


Throughout the day, you will also learn about Teach For America’s mission.

“The commitment to service and TFA's mission and values were transparent and palpable. All of the nerves and anxieties were dispatched early on by the interviewers.”

“The more I learn about the work Teach For America is doing the greater I research ways to change the issue of inequity in education. The admissions process has really opened my eyes on a grander scale to the problems that exist.”


Be relaxed, be prepared, and be ready to be your authentic self.

“My Teach for America Interview was the perfect balance between professionalism and being authentically myself. My interviewer created a safe space, and I even felt free to express my inner most thoughts about teaching and TFA.”