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Thank You To Our Alumni Community

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By The TFA Editorial Team

November 29, 2017

To our alumni community of donors, thank you for your support of Teach For America St. Louis during our 2017 Alumni Giving Challenge. Together, you raised over $11,000 which will be used to strengthen our network of changemakers working towards educational equity in St. Louis. It also provides us with an opportunity to reflect on the work being done by our alumni towards "One Day" and the role that Teach For America-St. Louis plays in the continued fight for opportunity and justice. Alumni shared in their own words why they have chosen to continue their support for Teach For America. 

"I chose to donate to Teach for America because I believe in the cause. As one of the few organizations in this country attacking educational equity at the broad scope that TFA does, it's important to me to provide as much support to the organization that provided me with all the support they could give me while I was in the classroom. Without the TFA staff's assistance, I would not have been nearly as effective in the classroom." - Kevin Pan (St. Louis 2015) 

"25 years later, still a proud TFA alumni. Keep up the great work TFA and thanks for making a difference in the lives of students in St. Louis!" - Kelly Garrett (Houston 1992)

"I give to Teach For America because they work to provide an excellent education to kids living in poverty. They placed me in St. Louis and now I'm in love with the city and ALL of its people who work to provide education to the marginalized of STL." - Rebekah Thomas (St. Louis 2015) 

"I work for College Possible and I believe in AmeriCorps and Teach For America. My time in the corps changed my life's work. Although I don't have too much to give, supporting TFA and the students we serve is important to me." - Katherine Cunningham (St. Louis 2011) 

"I give to TFA-STL because over ten years ago I joined this movement with the mission and charge of service to end educational inequity. Though I have played different roles in my journey and worked in different communities, my commitment to educational equity for all children (no matter where they come from, the color of their skin, or their background) has remained consistent." - Warren Morgan (St. Louis 2007) 

Education is the window to many of life's opportunities and the failure to provide a quality education can bar children from reaching their fullest potential. Every member of our alumni community has made an impact on the lives of kids and families through their service as corps members. Your donations will ensure that Teach For America-St. Louis can continue to support the nearly 600 corps member and alumni leaders in our city working tirelessly towards educational equity. Thank you for your investment in the future of students, schools, and communities in St. Louis.