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TFA is Lowering Financial Barriers for Leaders in the Classroom

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February 15, 2022

Teaching is a profound act of leadership, and teachers have never been more important or more challenged than they are today. That’s why Teach For America is committed to lowering financial barriers for great classroom leaders entering the corps.

Exceptionally talented leaders should be able to choose to work as educators without worry of financial burden. Nearly 50% of Teach For America corps members identify as coming from low-income communities and roughly 1 in 3 are first-generation college graduates. That means a more socio-economically diverse generation of TFA leaders than ever before—and the leaders an entire generation of students needs in the classroom today.

It is with this commitment to bettering educational outcomes for all students that Teach For America is offering baseline stipends for all incoming corps members in addition to other financial support opportunities, such as the Americorps Award, Black Educators Promise (BEP) grant, need-based grants and loans, and emergency funding. This new financial support includes a baseline stipend of $5,000 for all new corps members to assist with costs of summer training and the transition to the communities where they will teach. And, Teach For America is increasing this baseline stipend to offering a $10,000 stipend to all 2022 and 2023 corps members who are Pell Grant or DACA recipients—including asylees, refugees, and those with Temporary Protected Status, or corps members who would have otherwise qualified for a Pell Grant.  

From virtual learning to navigating quarantines to helping students manage social stress and emotional wellbeing, we know our teachers and our alumni continue to face challenges in our shared desire to positively impact the future of all kids. In support of these extraordinary efforts, TFA has provided a one-time forgiveness of Transitional Funding loans for all current corps members and alumni with TFA loan balances. In total, Teach For America has officially closed out $2 million in loan debt for 1,710 corps members and alumni.   

Progress toward an equitable and excellent education for all children begins with an investment in extraordinary individuals. Teach For America remains committed to finding new ways to lower barriers between exceptional, equity-driven leaders who are made for making a difference in the classroom—and the students who need them most. 

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