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10 Fast Facts About Teach For America

Picture of an empty school hallway

By Alexzandria Cormier-Hill

September 8, 2020

1. You’ll receive a full salary and benefits and have access to additional financial support and scholarship opportunities as a corps member.

2. Corps members come from all majors and backgrounds and hail from more than 720 colleges and universities.

3. Over 50 percent of corps members identify as people of color.

4. Corps members lead classrooms in 50 urban and rural regions nationwide and teach all subjects from pre-K through 12th grade.

5. Teach For America will support your teaching and leadership development before your first day in the classroom and throughout your two years as a corps member.

6. In 2019-2020, corp members were able to teach and influence the lives of 355,500 students.

7. Through your corps leadership, you will gain context, clarity, and conviction to lead a life of impact from any sector or field you choose—business, law, policy, education, medicine, technology, and more.

8. As a corps member, you’ll have access to countless opportunities from our graduate school partners and employers around the country.

9. TFA has a diverse network of 62,000+ leaders, including 2,000 alumni school and systems leaders, 42 Forbes 30 Under 30 winners, and 280 elected officials.

10. 80 percent of alumni continue to work toward systemic change through careers that positively impact low-income communities.

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