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Teacher Spotlight: Sophie Richman (Bay Area Corps ‘18)

Meet Sophie Richman, a 2018 TFA Bay Area corps member leading as a Special Education Resource Specialist at Roosevelt Middle School in Oakland, California.

Teacher sitting at desk smiling

January 21, 2019

What inspired you to join the corps?

I’ve wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember. I am extremely passionate about working alongside low-income communities and students of color impacted by historical inequities – and I truly believe in the power of education.

Talk about your leadership as a teacher.

I lean into my leadership as a teacher through trial and error. I recognize that, as a first-year teacher, not everything goes perfectly the first time around (or even the second or third time). But if I to come to school with a positive attitude every day, and always keep students first, I know that I'm doing the best that I can.  

How do you lean into your TFA community for classroom support?

I've been lucky enough to make some really great connections this year. The school I teach at has many corps members and alumni, so when I'm struggling as a first-year teacher I know there are literally 3-4 teachers in my hallway alone that I can go to for specific support. As far as the greater Oakland community, I feel grateful to live in the community I teach in. I've been thanked by community members when they find out I am a teacher, and I feel a generally positive attitude about educators in this area.

What projects are you looking forward to doing with your students this year?

I am looking forward to doing so many reading interventions. I’m excited help build my students excitement about reading, as well as the freedom that reading brings!

Share about a time a student made you laugh in your classroom this year.

One of my student entered 6th grade fairly shy and not sharing a lot during class time. But during week three in class, he started greeting everyone with a loud and silly “HEY KIDS!” as he walks into class every day :)