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Teacher Resource: Black Panther In The Classroom

Black History Month is never ending thanks to the new Black Panther movie! Click here for insightful resources and readings for introducing the movie and all of its black excellence in your classrooms!

Black Panther-Inspired Drawing

February 22, 2018

Visit these sites to learn more about teaching Black Panther in your classrooms. Resources for all levels - kids, young adults and adults -  available below! 

The Black Panther Challenge has teaching resources. Here’s an article about it.

The 4 Things Teachers Should Know about the 2018 Black Panther Movie by Donors Choose.

Teaching Activities for: “With $218 Million Haul, ‘Black Panther’ Smashes Box Office Records” by The New York Times Learning Network

Black Panther Film Movie Companion for Grades 5-8 by Tess Raser