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Teach For America Miami-Dade Hosts Inaugural Innovate Education Summit

Attendees leave inspired by acts of service
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In a remarkable celebration of collective impact, Teach For America Miami-Dade ignited the spark of inspiration at the inaugural Innovate Education Summit this spring. A symphony of passion and purpose united as more than 80 Teach For America community partners eagerly converged to witness the transformative power of 20 exceptional non-profit organizations from across Miami-Dade. Each organization, fueled by a profound commitment to uplifting students, families, and the entire community, shared their visionary work. In this spirit of collaboration and synergy, the summit became a beacon of hope, illuminating the path towards a brighter future for every young mind in Miami-Dade.

The pinnacle of the evening featured the highly anticipated presentation of the Excellence in Teaching Award, which was bestowed upon Renata Martinez. Additionally, the People's Choice Award of the evening recognized two remarkable community organizations for their incredible work in our community: Black Men Build Miami and the Teacher Accelerator Program.

Teach For America Miami-Dade Education Innovation Summit 2023