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Submitting a Strong Resume for Your TFA Application

Present your best self with these top tips for submitting your resume on your Teach For America application.

Submit the strongest possible resume with your TFA corps member application

By The TFA Editorial Team

September 6, 2019

Your online application is the first opportunity you get to share more about yourself and your interest in Teach For America. You’ll answer basic questions about your background, academic history, and leadership on the application, but your resume is where TFA’s selection committee really gets to learn more about your unique qualifications, experiences, and skills.

Since your resume is such a critical part of your application, we encourage all applicants to review our tips on how to make your resume the best it can be.


For any role you include, be sure to include your exact title, your full responsibilities, and the dates you were involved or employed.


Your resume should reflect your best self, so highlight your most significant achievements, awards, and leadership experiences in clear and specific language.


When possible, use data to support your achievements. Having measurable results helps demonstrate your work and success in a clear and concrete way.


Your resume shouldn’t just include your work history. Consider including achievements from your academics, extracurricular roles, community involvements, or volunteer experiences. 


While most resumes are about one page in length, it's possible your resume may need to be longer, based on your work history and experience. Don’t hold back on roles or experiences, just for the sake of keeping it to one page!


Always make sure to check your spelling and grammar. Having someone else review it to check for clarity and typos is never a bad idea either.

To get a better picture of what an effective resume looks like, check out some examples. Take note of the format and the details provided under each role.

Have questions or having trouble uploading your resume? Check out our FAQs or the Help Tool on the Applicant Center.

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