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Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders Begins in the Classroom

Current and former corps members share their passion for helping students succeed in the classroom, and in life.

September 10, 2019

Why This Work Is So Important

Education unlocks doors. It gives voice to those who are silenced. It offers a pathway to opportunity and a life filled with choices. As a teacher, you have the opportunity to help the next generation of leaders redefine their future, starting in the classroom.

Join the Corps

Redefine opportunities for students--and yourself--by applying to teach as part of the Teach For America corps.


“I believe that our world can be better. The way that our world gets better is by helping our kids who are currently silenced.”

Greater Philadelphia Corps Member 2007

“Teachers have a profound impact on the leaders of tomorrow. I believe that begins in the classroom, by empowering students with a social and political consciousness.”

Greater Philadelphia Corps Member 2019

“Education is a tool for social change.”

Greater Philadelphia Corps Member 2019