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Meet Four Alums Who Want You To Join Them As Principals

Every year more and more alumni are answering the call to become dynamic school leaders across our state. Many are choosing the Danforth program at UW, one of the most equity-driven and respected principal certification programs in our state.

Four TFA alumni enrolled in the Danforth program.

By Amela Jazvin

December 5, 2017

There’s no question our state is starving for diverse, equity-driven school leaders. Fortunately, every year more and more alumni are answering this call by enrolling in the Danforth principal preparation program at UW. Meet the incredible cohort of alumni who are enrolled this year.

What is your role and how do you serve in this capacity?

Annie: As the PK-5 Math Facilitator in the central office, I work with curriculum and instruction in mathematics. I regularly deliver professional learning to elementary school teams (principal, instructional coach, and teachers) across the district. I also have the opportunity to work with phenomenal teams of teachers to develop curriculum for mathematics across elementary grades. 

Corbin: I am the Multi-Tiered System of Support Specialist which is most similar to an academic dean. The goal of my role is to provide targeted academic instruction to all students by collaborating and building partnerships with and amongst the educators in the budding. 

Emma: As a school counselor, I collaborate with students, their families, support staff, teachers, school administration, and community-based organizations to provide wrap-around services toward our school and district goal of eliminating the educational opportunity gap for our students 

Tyler: As the Assistant Head of Upper School I provide direct supervision for the academic team 6-12. I also oversee many of our community partnerships, as well as supporting our development efforts and clinical program.

What do you like most about the Danforth program so far? 

Annie: Danforth's commitment to equity. In all we do, equity is at the forefront of our thinking and conversations. We examine school practice and what leadership means from this lens.  

Corbin: For me, the strength of Danforth is the other people in my cohort and the program's recognition and belief that race and identity play a central role in education and the way each person leads. 

Emma: Danforth provides me with resources, guidance, knowledge, skills, and an inspirational support system of individuals dedicated to educational equity.

Tyler: Danforth has challenged me to reflect deeply on my own identity and core values as lead through them.


From your experience, why do you think we need more alumni school leaders in WA?

Annie: In my experience, alumni school leaders have an unwavering belief in the possibilities for students and staff. They foster growth by holding themselves and others accountable to shifts in student learning. We need leaders that are willing to take risks, be vulnerable, and build a culture dedicated to instructional improvement in schools across WA.

Corbin: For me, I believe that our education system has a responsibility to develop the critical consciousness of all students, so we can disassemble the racism of our institutions. I believe that alums are likely to be strong leaders for schools that are committed to resisting structures of power to advocate for an equitable and antiracist education because this vision brought many of us to education in the first place. 

Emma: Teach for America's determination to ensure that we are making progress for ALL students reach the same goal creates a continuation of a strong career path in public education for alumni.

Tyler: WA as a whole needs more school leaders who are committed to equity.  Change happens at all levels of the system from the individual student and classroom up through the policymakers.  We all have a responsibility to fight for equity every day to ensure that we are making progress for our students.


Interested in following in the footsteps of these dynamic leaders? Learn more about Danforth and apply here! Applications due Jan. 15th.