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Corps Member Spotlight: Swati Mehrotra

We caught up with Swati Mehrotra, a 2nd year corps member, to find out what she's learned from year 1 and what she plans to do for year 2!

Swati Mehrotra is interviewed sitting in front of a brick wall.

By The TFA Editorial Team

September 4, 2018

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of sitting down with 2nd year CM, Swati Mehrotra. Swati is placed at Harambee Institute of Science and Technology, a public charter school located in West Philly. Harambee has 500 students in K-8. What sets Harambee a part from other public charter schools is its culturally-based, non-graded model designed to help students connect with their African heritage. Swati shares what it was like teaching this culturally-based curriculum when she did not share the same culture as her students:

Corps Member Spotlight: Swati Mehrotra

As a 5th grade science and social studies teacher, Swati’s class was full of bright, loveable students. Like most 1st year teachers, she encountered obstacles and challenges in the classroom as she learned to work with her students (and their high energy!):

Biggest Obstacle

This story of reaching a student was only one of many stories Swati had about how she has grown for and with her students during year 1. As she looks forward to the upcoming school year (she will be teaching 5th grade again), we wanted to know what new insights she will bringing into the classroom:

Looking Forward to the New School Year

We admire Swati's commitment to continuous learning, and cannot wait to hear about all of the successes, lessons learned, and laughs from the 2018-2019 school year. Best of luck, Swati!

P.S. Want to hear more from Swati? Check out this hilarious bonus clip:

Hidden Student Potential