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Corps Member Goes The 'Extra Yard' To Bring Computers To Her Classroom

2016 Corps Member, Abbe Petechowski, is helping to bridge the digital divide at Liberty City Elementary School by earning free laptops for every student in her Kindergarten class

Abbe Petechowski and students using computers

September 27, 2017

When 2016 Corps Member, Abbe Petuchowski, recognized her students lack of access to technology and internet outside of her classroom, she knew she had to do something. Abbe pulled together her resources and secured laptops for her entire class at Liberty City Elementary School. The results were these smiling faces:

Abbe Petuchowski Smiling With Computers

"Since many of my students do not have access to technology or the internet at home, my classroom is one of the few places they have the opportunity to use educational technology to expand their knowledge and increase their excitement about learning. Technology allows my students to stay engaged and personalize their own learning. Furthermore, this class set of Chrome books allows each student the opportunity to explore and analyze the world around them through technology. As a result, my students will learn the 21st century problem-solving skills and grow the confidence in their own abilities that they need for future success." -Abbe Petuchowski, TFA Miami-Dade Corps Member

Students Smiling in Abbe Petuchowski's classroom

Abbe's extraordinary commitment to her students comes just in time for the College Football Playoff Foundation's #ExtraYardWeek, a campaign that recognizes the incredible work of educators across the nation. Learn more about it here. Follow @TFAMiamiDade on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to see Abbe's magical teaching moment highlighted on our page.