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Classroom Activities to Virtually Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Warm hearts and spark creativity with these virtual Valentine’s Day activities that students will be sure to enjoy.

A Close Up Image of a Child's Hand Using Crayons During Arts and Crafts

By The TFA Editorial Team

February 4, 2021

Educators! Don’t let quarantine put a damper on your Valentine’s Day plans and festivities. Celebrate February 14 with the whole class with the help of these simple but effective ideas and classroom activities.

Be Poetic

Poetry is a great way to deepen your relationship with language on Valentine’s Day. The Poetry Foundation has an impressive collection of love poems you can explore with your class. Many of the poems listed are also accompanied by audio readings and various other teaching tools, glossaries, articles, and more.

Explore Your Inner Art Critic

Explore famous paintings that evoke themes of love, such as Birthday and The Kiss, or Balloon Girl. Discuss prominent themes and the history of the artist and ask students to write a piece of creative writing or collage that accompanies the image.

Many museums are also currently giving virtual tours. Some popular ones where you can find potential Valentine’s Day themes include the Uffizi Gallery and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Break out the Calculators

You can even bring Valentine’s Day theme to math class! Check out Süss, the New York Times’ interactive widget that will help students create hearts and other fun shapes using equations. Or, use GeoGebra to graph a number of heart-themed equations or test students’ knowledge of area, perimeter, and composite figures of Valentine’s Day-themed shapes.

Take a Trip Around the World

The US isn’t the only country to celebrate love and all things sweet. Use this Valentine’s Day as a way to present other cultural celebrations, such as Semana de la Dulzura (“The Week of Sweetness”) in Argentina or National Chocolate Day in Ghana.

Get Crafty

Quarantining at home limits the opportunity for students to share paper bags filled with candy hearts and Valentine’s Day cards. Luckily, there are plenty of online options for students to make e-cards instead. Have students get creative by designing their own cards on Canva or Adobe Spark, which has many templates to choose from. Animoto also has a virtual Valentine’s Day card maker that allows you to create short and sweet drag-and-drop videos. 

Read Between the Lyrics

One thing is for sure; there is no shortage of love songs in the world. Use this holiday as a way to explore themes of love, kindness, and caring in lyrics. Play a song and have students share their first impressions. Then, go deeper and have students explore historical context, imagery, and more. You can also have students identify a piece of media or create a playlist that makes them feel similarly.

There are many activity sheets to help analyze songs of all kinds, as well as many websites, such as SongFacts, to help with research.