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Applying to Teach For America as a Junior

A new teacher shares discusses applying early to the corps, participating in the Accelerate Fellowship, and the many opportunities she had to prepare herself for the classroom.

By The TFA Editorial Team

December 5, 2019

Get Involved as a Junior

Addie (D.C. Region ’19), who was admitted to Teach For America as a junior, discusses the Accelerate Fellowship—a summer program for rising seniors of all majors with an interest in civic innovation—as well as the many different ways early applicants can stay engaged before starting their corps experience.

Redefine the Future

If you're a junior or co-terming senior looking to advance your jump-start meaningful career, apply today to teach in our corps.


Making an Impact With TFA While in College

I think as we focus on education and get some of the best and brightest minds and people who have been through the education system and are proximate it that we can make an impact and affect a lot of the things we are seeing today.

Accelerate is a summer fellowship for rising seniors from all different universities. So I applied as a junior, and what helped me stay committed to TFA and stay involved, in order to make it all the way to institute and join the corps was talking to as many people as could about their corps experience, hearing what people were doing in the classroom and working to prepare myself for that experience—reading books, reading articles, visiting schools; that was another thing that kept my excitement going for someday joining the corps and being I classroom teacher. And just finding ways to look for education inequity within your own community that was something I was really interested in doing while I was preparing to eventually join the corps. It didn’t mean that I couldn’t make an impact while I was in college and still going to school.