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Alumni Spotlight: Donovan Propst

By The TFA Editorial Team

October 30, 2017

South Lousiana - Donovan

Alumni Spotlight: Donovan Propst

Donovan Propst, a 2013 South Louisiana alumnus, tells us about his "behind the scenes" role supporting students and families at a local school!

About Donovan:

  • Corps Region & Corps Year: South Louisiana 2013

  • Alma Mater: Clemson University and Louisiana State University

  • Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA

  • Current Role: Founding Manager of Data & Operations at Collegiate Academies-Baton Rouge



What do you love about your job?

Collegiate Baton Rouge (CBR) has a way of reaching all students. Being a part of this talented team is exciting. Most of all, I enjoy the growth that is derived from continuous feedback! 


When you consider your work and your experiences, what is the thing you're rooted in that allows you to drive toward excellence every day?

When I consider my work and experiences through CBR, the rooted value of relationship keeps me driving toward excellence every day. The connections with the people I serve require excellence in operations, bravery in execution, and the diligence to succeed.


What's your favorite thing about SLA?

My favorite thing about SLA is the culture. This region is filled with continuous celebrations and parades. Viewing fascinating artworks, listening to original New-Orleans style music, and eating authentic Louisiana cuisine are definitely the reasons why I love SLA!


What is your favorite memory from the classroom?

Narrowing down my teaching experiences into a favorite memory is difficult, but I would say the memory that gave me the most joy, is a day when the students and I switched roles. Watching my students reach full autonomy and teaching one another, was a great experience to witness. I'm so proud of them!


What is your theme song?

My theme song right now is "Contradiction" by Mali Music and Jhene Aiko.