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Alumni Feature: Tiffany Cobb

Tiffany Cobb talks about how she combines her love for interior design with educational equity.

Tiffany Cobb

By The TFA Editorial Team

January 4, 2016

Tiffany Cobb ('03), Atlanta, GA

Principal Interior Designer and Founder, Love Thy Teacher

Why did you join TFA: Joining Teach For America was a significant part of my life's journey that I didn't even realize upon accepting the opportunity. While I initially decided to join because I had an invested interest in making a difference in the lives of others, I never knew how instrumental Teach For America would be in helping me to identify my true passion.

Favorite TFA Memory: My favorite, yet most embarrassing TFA memory was during summer Institute in Houston, TX. I was simultaneously dealing with two new "adventures:" learning how to teach (ESL) students, and learning how to maintain my hairstyle in the Houston humidity. Let's just say that the latter took a little more practice!

While struggling to get through my first observed lesson, one of my first graders, interrupted me and yelled "Ms. Cobb! What happened to your hair?!" When I looked in the mirror, I could barely recognize myself! The worst part was that it was on our TFA picture day (yikes-lol! ). Luckily for me, the pictures came out blurry, so there is no recorded proof of this "hair-tastrophe" in the TFA archives!

How has TFA impacted you: I don't think that I recognized the immense levels of sacrifice and dedication that teachers employ on a daily basis until my TFA teaching commitment. I now have a greater appreciation for teachers, and am directly invested in identifying and developing ways that I can support their efforts.

Coincidentally, I discovered my passion for Interior Design during my TFA commitment. Design served as the mental shift that I needed to combat my most challenging days as a teacher. I realized that once I created an aesthetically pleasing environment to retreat to, that it had an immediate positive impact on how I approached my classroom, which successfully benefited the students.

Although I chose a different career path post-Teach For America, my desire to continue the fight for educational equity, while staying true to my passion for Interior Design, is what gave birth to Love Thy Teacher, my social impact design service that works to support the efforts of educators, by creating aesthetically pleasing teacher's lounges and collaborative workspaces. Had it not been for Teach For America, I probably wouldn't have realized how instrumental Interior Design could be to our most deserving educators and students.

College Attended: Morris Brown College, Art Institute of Atlanta