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Alumni Feature: Leigh Ann West

The University of Richmond Grad talks about her experience while serving as a TFA corps member.

By The TFA Editorial Team

January 14, 2016

Leigh Ann West

Leigh Ann West ('11), Atlanta, GA

Associate Consultant, Boston Consulting Group

Why did you join TFA: To work in a meaningful way that opened opportunities for children

Favorite TFA Memory: It's hard to pinpoint just one! Anytime I worked with my manager of teacher leadership development Yael Ross was memorable. She inspired and pushed me in so many ways and went above and beyond her call of duty. I remember crying on my carpet floor right before the start of winter break with her after a really rough day. I was feeling guilty about a bad call I had made with a student. She brought great perspective pointing out all the things I had learned from this one moment of poor decision-making. Yael always knew what to say!

How has TFA impacted you: It made me love teaching, which ironically I didn't think would happen! I don't know where my career is headed now, but it's very likely I'll be back in education. I'd like to take the business acumen and problem-solving I'm developing in consulting and apply that toward creating opportunities for low-income children."

College Attended: University of Richmond