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Alumni Feature: Ian Cohen

Alumni Ian Cohen shares his experiences after completing his corps journey.

By The TFA Editorial Team

December 7, 2015

Ian Cohen

Ian Cohen (‘12), Atlanta, GA

Executive Director, Next Generation Men

Why did you join TFA: I originally joined TFA because I had an interest in policy solutions to our nation's most pressing issues. Education stands out as a fundamental pillar affecting every other major issue in our country, and I believed that if I were to ever be in a policy-making role, I should know what the education experience is like for students and teachers on the ground. TFA offered me the opportunity to get real experience with a high potential for impact.

Favorite TFA Memory: My favorite memory during my teaching experience was actually outside of the classroom, while coaching the varsity soccer teams. As the founding coach of the program, needless to say I was very invested in our team's success. We got our first win in an overtime shootout in our home stadium, and happened to be going against our league rival who was coached by a fellow TFA corps member and close friend of mine. Seeing my students achieve that kind of triumph was truly pure joy. There was not a group of students I got closer to than my boys and girls soccer teams.

How has TFA impacted you: Outside of the obviously meaningful relationships I had with my students and fellow faculty, TFA and the network of former corps members provided me the opportunities to develop my leadership ability and confidence to begin my career as a social entrepreneur. No other experience or organization offers as much support.

College(s) attended: Emory University

Community activities during college: Alpha Tau Omega, Skeleton Crew/Breakdance Club, Global Water Brigades, Orientation Leader, Committee on Community Engagement