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Alum Spotlight: Claire Baugher (Bay Area Corps ’14)

Claire Baugher, a law student at U.C. Hastings in San Francisco, shares how her experience in the classroom shaped her focus as a future lawyer.

February 24, 2019

Claire Baugher (2014) reading to a class of students

What inspired you to join Teach For America?

I joined Teach For America because I am deeply committed to our public school system. I have also experienced firsthand the impact that teachers can have on a student’s life, and wanted to pay that forward to my students. Through TFA, I taught first grade at Garfield Elementary School in Oakland, CA.

What's your favorite memory from the classroom?

My favorite memory from the classroom is hosting publishing parties to celebrate student work. Family members, school staff, and TFA staff attended to celebrate, which strengthened our classroom community and motivated student engagement in upcoming units.

How did your experience in the corps impact your career pathway?

I’m currently in my second year of law school at U.C. Hastings in San Francisco. My experience in the corps motivated me to continue protecting and advancing the rights of youth. This past summer I interned at the National Center for Youth Law in Oakland, where I contributed to initiatives that improve the conditions and opportunities for foster youth.

What do you appreciate about the TFA community?

I appreciate how supportive the TFA community is. Despite what others have on their plate, people are always willing to lend a helping hand.

One piece of advice you have for our incoming corps of teachers?

Have fun! Keep a “quote book” of things your students say that make you laugh.