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2017 Corps Member Spotlight- Matthias Wuest

Meet Matthias Wuest, an incoming 2017 Corps Member who will be joining the Philly Pham!

Matthias Wuest

By The TFA Editorial Team

February 28, 2017

Matthias Wuest

School: Northwestern University

Major: Math, Minors in Spanish and History

Graduation: June 2017

Hometown: New Haven, CT

Why did you choose Teach for America?

I chose TFA because I believe it can have a positive impact in rectifying the educational inequalities which continue to affect marginalized communities throughout the country. Considering that teaching is more than just a pedagogical function, TFA provides best the opportunity to nurture all aspects of both teacher and student through its collaboration with impoverished and marginalized communities.

As someone who grew up in a city with flaws, triumphs, and passions, I feel that it is my responsibility to try and make a difference about inequality, educational or otherwise, within Philadelphia. There is a potential to be a catalyst in a positive cycle of hope and learning, and knowing that my words might be able to make a huge difference in someone’s life encourages me to join TFA. Every child has potential. I’m here to see if, with the collaboration of community leaders and families, I can help unlock that.

What excites you the most about this new TFA adventure?

I am most excited to finally be at the head of a classroom. Growing up, I was lucky to have countless passionate and driven teachers who pushed me to get where I am today. I now find myself in the unique position to pass this on.

I am also looking forward to joining the TFA community in Philadelphia. Moving to a new city can be difficult, and it is very important to have people to support and encourage you. I am excited to join a group that is as enthusiastic as I am about social justice in the education system, and to potentially make lifelong friendships.

Finally, I am looking forward to living and exploring a new city. As a university rower, I would love to continue training on Boathouse Row, as well as stay active in Philadelphia in any way that I can. I've also looked into volunteering with rowing programs that encourage impoverished youth to stay active on the water. As a teacher, I hope that I might be able to encourage my students to learn teamwork and leadership in a sport which has such a storied presence in the city.


Welcome to Philly Pham, Matthias!