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2017 Corps Member Spotlight: Jahlil Davis-Green

Jahlil Davis-Green is a Philly native who will be teaching with TFA this fall!

Jahlil Davis-Green

May 30, 2017

Jahlil Davis-Green

Current position: Children's Program Assistant at The Philadelphia Project, and Children's Director at Roxborough Church

Undergraduate: University of Pittsburgh at Bradford

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Why did you apply to Teach for America?

I applied to TFA after a long period of feeling called to positively affect the lives of youth from within the school system. I originally thought the best way for me to do so was to become a school counselor.  However, after reading an article about why more black men should answer the call to teach, along with speaking with some old mentors (who happen to be TFA alums) and doing some research, I decided that TFA was the best fit for me.

What past experiences have you had that will aid you as a TFA teacher?

I have had many experiences that I believe will aid me in the classroom, but what sticks out the most is what I am doing right now. I currently work as a Children's Program Assistant for an after school program as well as a Children's Director at a church. Working with kids everyday has a certain way of keeping you on your toes because you never know what you're going to get, but you still have to deal with whatever you are given. I imagine the same will be true inside the classroom.

What do you think about teaching in your hometown?

I am incredibly excited to have the opportunity to teach in the same city I grew up in. In my experience there aren't many people who have a desire to go back to areas like the ones I grew up in, but that has been my goal for quite some time. I believe coming from a background that will look similar to and maybe even the same as ​​those of my students will have a profound impact on my ability to serve them well and positively impact their lives. I am sure that it will also be very challenging but I am actually excited for that!