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10 Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Students

We have a few suggestions to get you and your students in the giving spirit!

Students outside playing in the snow.

By The TFA Editorial Team

December 11, 2019

Wondering how you can send your students off with a lil’ somethin’ special for the holiday without breaking the bank? If you’re looking to surprise your kids this holiday season with a small token of your teacher affection, we have a few suggestions to get you and your students in the giving spirit! Check out these 10 inexpensive gift ideas for students!

1. Elf Hats

What kid doesn’t want to sport the official hat of Santa’s little helper? These elf hats are sure to be a hit among your students in class and at home this holiday season.

2. Personal White Boards

Hit up your local hardware store to pick up all the supplies you need to fashion each of your students their very own white board.

3. Snowman Soup

Your students may scoff at the idea of soup as a holiday gift, but once they get a taste, their spoons will be scraping the bottom of the bowl in search of more.

4. Class Coupon Books 

Sometimes the greatest gift for a student is having the opportunity to kick off their shoes during class or bring in their favorite stuffed animal for the day. Feel free to get wild and crazy and think outside the box with these class coupon books.

5. Ribbon Tree Ornaments

Nothing really marks the gift-giving season like an ornament. These ribbon tree ornaments are super simple to make and are the perfect finishing touch to a holiday wreath.

6. Candy Cane Reindeer

What kid wouldn’t want to receive a reindeer as a gift? Especially one that fits so snuggly in their backpacks!

7. Waterless Snow Globe Ornaments 

These cute snow globe ornaments are the perfect home for a class portrait. This way your kids will be able to take their classmates home with them and share the love with their families over the holiday break.

8. Sock Snowmen

For those teachers with a surplus of white socks at home, these sock snowmen make the perfect gift to kick off winter break.

9. Books

Nothing is more useful than the gift of learning! Sponsor a book drive, check out for books starting at just $1, or see this past posts for ideas on how to get books without breaking your budget: Scoring Free Books for Your Students.

10. A Holiday Card

A homemade holiday card with a special, handwritten note from their teacher, is something every student will hold dear to their heart over the holidays and beyond. Happy holidays!


(Updated December 2019)