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Minh N. Tran

Job Title
Director of Research and Academic Partnerships
EF Education First
Yale University
University of Hong Kong
Corps Year: 
Corps Region: 
Los Angeles

As a founding member of a new charter school in Los Angeles, Minh helped develop the fifth grade curriculum from scratch. His 89 students outperformed district averages by double-digit percentages in both math and science. Minh is still involved in education, but in a corporate role. He’s the Director of Research and Academic Partnerships at EF Education First, where he works with ministries of education and universities on large-scale language assessment and research projects. He was part of a global team that launched the EF Standard English Test (EFSET), the world’s first free standardized English test. He has flown all over the world—23 countries and counting—to promote the EFSET and speak about research and innovation at EF.

Career Path

Teach For America: Los Angeles Corps
Minh was a founding member of a charter school and helped design the 5th grade curriculum from scratch. His students outscored district averages by double-digit percentages in math and science.
Teaching Fellow, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Taught five undergraduate courses in the English department, trained and observed new Yale-China teachers, and trained more than 100 local English teachers.
Instructor, Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education
Taught gifted students in fun courses such as English Debate Camp, World Literature, and Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness and Well-Being.
EF360 Global Management Trainee, EF
Shadowed EF’s Chief Culture Officer, led the EF English Proficiency Index project, and consulted for EF China on teacher recruitment and retention.
Director of Research and Academic Partnerships, EF
At Education First, Minh facilitates research and training collaboration with ministries of education and universities across the globe and leads several special projects.

Q & A

How has your corps experience influenced what you’re doing now?

I work with global ministries of education on large training and assessment projects. My time teaching informs my suggestions to policy makers. It gives me credibility with EF executives and teachers, education leaders, and government officials. I have also led global teacher recruitment, satisfaction, and training projects.

You’ve written about why TFA alumni are sought after by companies as well as schools. What skills do TFA alumni bring to the table?

They are effective professionals. Thanks to their training as TFA teachers, they can captivate and command any audience, they are great people managers and team players, they make data-driven decisions, and they stay laser-focused on results. More importantly, as individuals who are committed to an important mission, they have big hearts.

If you could share advice with someone considering the corps, what would you say?

Your TFA experience and your time in the classroom will make you stronger personally and professionally. You will develop yourself in ways that make you sought after by all types of organizations. If you want to make a difference in students’ lives, grow by leaps and bounds, and join a community full of inspiring people, then consider TFA!

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