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Great Leaders Come from All Backgrounds

Your Future With TFA


A great education opens doors of opportunity, transforms life outcomes, and leads to empowerment. Education needs the most driven, passionate leaders your generation has to offer.

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The Corps Member Experience is Two Years

You will spend at least two years in the classroom making a profound and immediate impact on the lives of your students. Like most alumni, you’ll find that this is just the beginning of your role as an influencer in the broader fight for equity and opportunity. 

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You Can Make A Big Impact in One of 53 Regions

While some corps members may work in their hometown, others will spend two years making an impact in a place where they've not yet been. No matter where you go, you’ll have a new role that lets you affect others in a meaningful way.

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After Your two Years You Are Considered An Alumnus

Once you’ve seen the impact you can make as a corps member, there’s a good chance you’ll want to do more—in front of the classroom, in school leadership, in educational policy, or in another sector that helps expand opportunities for America’s children.

Characteristics of Effective TFA Teachers


Make a Meaningful Impact at Any Stage in Your Career


Whether you just graduated college or are considering a career change, your unique experience and skills can be tremendous assets in the classroom.

Teach For America corps members represent diverse backgrounds and a range of career experiences. As a corps member, you're a full-time teacher with all the responsibility and opportunity to lead real change.

Where Greatness Leads


After two years in the classroom, Teach For America alumni go on to pursue diverse and impactful careers. While many choose to stay in the classroom, others go on to influence education and create opportunities in low-income communities from other career fields.

Get to know a few alumni and see how their time in the classroom put them on a path toward a career with meaning.

TFA's Commitment to Diversity