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If you’re a junior, co-terming senior, or senior who will graduate in August, early admission is a chance to kick off your final year with a job offer in hand when you apply to join the corps early.

Apply Early to the Corps 

By joining TFA, you’ll lead alongside those shaping the future of our country—career educators, civil rights attorneys, entrepreneurs, socially conscious CEOs. Applying early for the corps includes the same application process as other applicants.

Read about the process on the Application and Interview page. The timeline for early applicants is slightly different.

Early Application Timelines

Submit Your Application By Jan. 29 2021 Mar. 5 2021 Apr.2021
Learn if you’re invited to an interview Feb. 5 Mar. 12 Apr. 16
Submit recommender info and sign up for an interview Feb. 12 Mar. 19 Apr. 23
Complete additional pre-interview steps Feb. 18 Mar. 25 Apr. 29
Attend your interview Feb. 23-26 Mar. 29-Apr. 1 May 3-6
Learn your admissions decision and regional placement Mar. 15 Apr. 19 May 24
Accept or decline your offer Fall 2021 Fall 2021 Fall 2021


When admitted to the corps early, you’ll have a full year to prepare and hone your leadership skills through professional development, leadership, networking, and paid internships opportunities available exclusively to early admitted applicants.

“I was able to connect with other people in my same place, current corps members, alumni, and people from my region. This was key for me. The opportunity to speak to so many people allowed me to make an informed decision.”

Christian Castro

Bay Area Corps Member 2018

Changemakers Start Here

At Teach For America, we’re always looking for ways to find the strongest leaders and best prepare our corps members to be excellent teachers. Meet a recruiter on your campus to learn more.