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TFA alumni celebrates with her students.

After interviewing, you’ll find out whether or not you’ve been accepted to TFA. Being accepted means you’ve earned a spot as a corps member. See more about this step of the process.

After you’ve completed your interview, you’ll have the opportunity to research and select your location, grade, and subject preferences in the applicant center.

During your research, you should reflect on the elements most important to you—like cost of living and master’s degree options—then compare regions with these elements in mind and build a list of regions that are a good fit for you.

Approximately two weeks later, you’ll receive notification through email and the applicant center about your acceptance status. You’ll receive your regional and subject placement upon learning your acceptance.

After learning this information, you’ll then have about 10 days to decide whether or not the TFA corps is right for you. If admitted, you can officially accept your offer to join the corps in the applicant center. See the specific dates for these steps in the deadline table below.

Celebrating Acceptance to the Corps!

Watch how a few Teach For America teachers announced their big news: their acceptance to the corps. How will you celebrate this achievement?

Submit Your Application By Sept. 10 2021 Oct. 15 2021 Dec. 3 2021 Jan. 28 2022 Mar. 4 2022
Learn if you’re invited to an interview Sept. 20 Oct. 25 Dec. 13 Feb. 4 Mar. 11
Submit recommender info, sign up for an interview, and complete additional pre-interview questions Sept. 27 Nov. 1 Jan. 12 Feb. 11 Mar. 18
Complete additional pre-interview steps Oct. 3 Nov. 4 Jan. 13 Feb. 17 Mar. 24
Attend your interview Oct. 5 -8 Nov. 8-12 Jan. 18 -21 Feb. 22 -25 Mar. 28-31
Learn your admissions decision and regional / subject placement Oct. 26 Dec. 6 Feb. 7 Mar. 14 Apr. 18
Accept or decline your offer Nov. 4 Dec. 15 Feb. 16 Mar. 23 Apr. 27


“I was applying to medical school, but TFA was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity...I had a strong sense that there was a lot more to life then what I had seen.”

Dan Tilden

Medical Resident, Vanderbilt University

Eastern North Carolina Corps Member 2008

Finding out Your Acceptance Status

Each year, TFA accepts only the most promising leaders, approximately 15% of applicants. For those who are accepted, this is an unbelievably exciting time, since the application process is demanding.

Finding out your acceptance status does not mean you have yet been hired for a teaching position in a specific school. That will occur after you confirm your offer to join the corps. So, if accepted, you’ll take further steps to secure your position in a classroom. Learn more about getting hired for a teaching position.

As you consider your offer to join TFA, we encourage you to bring your parents, family, and friends into the conversation. Share information about the corps with your parents and family.

If you’re not offered a spot in the corps, you’ll receive information about several partner organizations, graduate school programs, and opportunities where you can put your talent to use. There are countless pathways available for you to do social good and help expand opportunity for all. Applicants can only apply once per academic year but are invited to re-apply the following year.

Learn more about our placement process and how to determine which regions are best for you.