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Compare Regions Compare Regions

Compare regions to find which ones meet your needs.

Consider the following:

  • After interviewing, you’ll finalize your TFA regional selections.
  • Check out cost of living, certification costs, and other important details.
  • Review the minimum GPA, summer training start date, and other regional requirements.
  • High-need regions are: Kansas City, Greater Delta: Mississippi and Arkansas, Rio Grande Valley, Appalachia, Indianapolis, Alabama

Select two or more regions to compare.

You can apply to up to three TFA regions during the application process. You will have a chance to finalize those regional selections after your interview. Your regional selections have no impact on your chance of acceptance.

Note: We offer financial assistance to help with moving and training costs. The baseline transitional stipend for all 2023 corps members is a $5,000 grant and a $10,000 grant for those who are Pell Grant or DACA/qualifying immigration status recipients or who would have otherwise qualified for Pell. Read more here.

Two-Year Commitment. Lifelong Impact.

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