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D.C. Region Alumni Resources

The alumni community is thriving in D.C., with over 3,300 alums today. With over 700 alumni educators and 250 alumni school/system leaders in D.C., our leadership force continues to fuel change, impacting over 60,000 students in the region.

A collage of Teach For America D.C. Region alumni.

September 3, 2018

Community Supports

As an inclusive and supportive community, Teach For America D.C. Region engages with several local and national boards to inform our programming. Learn more

Alumni Resources

D.C. Region Talent Matching

Teach for America D.C. Region offers a talent matching service for Teach for America alumni looking to continue their education journey in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia-area schools with demonstrated need. If you are an alum or school partner interested in learning more, contact:

  • Kelley King, Chief Program Officer (

    Supports the following district partners:  D.C. Charter Schools, D.C. Public Schools, Alexandria City Public Schools, and Prince George’s County Public Schools
  • Mark Hazelgrove, Managing Director, Central Virginia (

    Supports the following district partners: Richmond City Public Schools

Want to get involved with a D.C. Region Alumni Board? See below for a description of each one.

The Bridge

TFA DC Alumni Bridge Association is a group of young professionals that seeks to bridge the gap between Corp experience and alumni induction. They create a support network of alumni in the area who wish to engage with the TFA community after they complete their Corp commitment. They provide multiple ways to engage from social outings to various networking opportunities. Their aim is to educate and organize alumni around DMV-specific issues in order to cultivate meaningful progress towards One Day.

The Collective

The DC Collective is an active community of color that is deeply committed to creating and supporting a network of people who are passionate about ending educational inequity for students in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.


Teach for America’s LGBTQ Community Initiative believes in being both culturally responsive, LGBTQ inclusive, and community responsive. To that end, our PRISM network represents brave affinity groups made of corps members, alumni, staff, community members, and students, working jointly to advance Teach For America’s vision. We extend the work from our national initiative to regions that are best able to work alongside LGBTQ and allied partners in their area to advance educational equity.

Connect With the D.C. Region Alumni Community

If you would like to be connected to an alumni board, reach out to Kelley King, Chief Program Officer (

Join our D.C. Alumni Facebook group to reconnect with old friends and keep up with what's happening in our community.