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Recruitment Team Opportunities

If you believe more leaders are needed to drive systemic change in the fight for educational equality, then the Recruitment Team is for you.
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The Recruitment Team (RT) seeks promising leaders in the movement to eliminate educational inequity. We inspire thousands of potential corps members on college campuses and in the professional world to apply for and join TFA—fueling our political, social, and economic future.

The RT is composed of people who care about and support each other. Through culturally competent practices, we find inspiration and joy in recruiting leaders to the corps. Members of the RT go on to leadership positions across TFA, and beyond. Joining the team as a Recruitment Manager is a primary launching point.

Become a Recruitment Manager

Recruitment Managers (RMs) grow and strengthen the movement for educational equity by compelling top leaders to join the Teach For America corps. As a Recruitment Manager, you will execute visions and lead strategic plans for campaigns, identify and cultivate diverse top prospects, and inspire a broad network of constituents to build a large, diverse, and talented corps. Some of the role responsibilities can include:

  • Set and define a strategy to achieve goals tailored to college or professional markets.
  • Build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders on campuses, within partner organizations, and/or within the professional community to maximize outreach efforts in recruitment campaigns and promote a stronger organizational brand.
  • Work across teams to plan, execute, and improve strategy, using data to identify gaps, patterns, and opportunities within campaigns and develop solutions to achieve outcomes.
  • Consistently leverage results from successes and failures that are conclusive, specific, and evidence-based to make pivots for campaigns and to inform broader innovation and strategy.

Hiring Process Overview

Our timeline and process may vary depending on the needs of the Recruitment Team, but applicants can generally expect to participate in the following:

  • Application Stage: Candidates will complete an initial application and provide short responses to a few questions (instead of a cover letter)
  • First Interview Stage: Candidates moving to this stage will engage in an initial phone interview to share more about their candidacy (~30 minutes, no pre-work)
  • Second Interview Stage: Candidates moving to this stage will meet with hiring managers to participate in a role-play scenario and strategy exercise (~60-90 minutes, with approximately 60 minutes of pre-work)
  • Final Interview Stage: Candidates invited to this final interview will engage in a 1:1 interview with the hiring manager for the position (~30-60 minutes, no pre-work)

We know engaging in interview processes can be time-consuming and stressful. Our team is committed to ensuring transparency on the timeline and process for all candidates moving to the interview stage. Candidates can reach out to at any time with questions or concerns.

How to Apply

Check out the Teach For America Careers page for current openings on the Recruitment Team and submit your resume below to let us know of your interest.

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