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Recruitment Team Opportunities

About the Recruitment Team

If you believe more leaders are needed to drive systemic change in the fight for educational equality, then the recruitment team (RT) is for you.

The RT seeks promising leaders in the movement to eliminate educational inequity. We inspire thousands of potential corps members on college campuses and in the professional world to apply for and join TFA—fueling our political, social, and economic future. We’re responsible for meeting ambitious goals, specifically growing and diversifying the corps.

With nearly 200 members, the RT is composed of people who care about and support each other, professionally and personally. Through culturally-competent practices, we find inspiration and joy in recruiting the next generation of leaders to the corps. Members of the RT go on to leadership positions across TFA, and beyond. Joining the team as either a recruitment associate (RA) or recruitment manager (RM) is the primary launching point.

Recruitment Associates

Recruitment Associates (RAs) work behind the scenes to support Recruitment Managers’ (RMs) efforts to grow and strengthen the movement for educational equity by compelling top leaders to join the Teach For America corps. As an RA, you will build and execute strategies to identify and initiate communication with a broad network to build a large, diverse, and talented corps.

RAs will fuel TFA’s theory of change and broader movement for social equity in the nation. Aligned with a deep conviction around leadership, you will receive extensive training, ongoing coaching, and professional development to innovate and achieve success. Please note: We are no longer accepting RA applications at this time.

RA are responsible for:

  • Identifying and tracking diverse and competitive seniors, juniors, and/or professionals as potential TFA corps applicants by conducting research and using resources on campus and/or professional networks.
  • Developing and executing tailored individual communication based on audience (professors, campus faculty, college students, professional candidate, warm leads, cold leads) to plan full days of events and individual meetings for RMs and campus visitors.
  • Supporting and collaborating with RMs to devise and execute strategies to engage potential applicants and drive interest in applying to Teach For America through a variety of channels including planning events, partnering with student organizations, engaging career service offices, and creating marketing campaigns to reach large audiences

Recruitment Managers

RMs compel top leaders to join Teach For America and contribute to the movement for educational equity in communities across our country. As an RM, you will create visions and strategic plans for your campaigns, identify and cultivate diverse top prospects to act, and inspire a broad network of constituents to build a large, diverse, and talented corps.

You will be on the front lines of the RT’s undeniably consequential work, fueling TFA’s theory of systemic change and the broader movement for educational equity across the nation. Aligned with our deep conviction around leadership, you will receive extensive training, ongoing coaching, and professional development to innovate and achieve success.

RMs are responsible for:

  • Setting a bold vision and direction for an ambitious campaign to inspire, enlist, mobilize extraordinary, diverse future leaderspeople who have massive leadership potential and are on a trajectory to be leaders and influencers in our societyto join the movement for educational equity.
  • Building, developing, and cultivating strong relationships and networksboth internally and externallyto advance the recruitment campaign. Influence candidates, external stakeholders, and internal partners to achieve bold outcomes.
  • Working across teams to plan, execute, and improve strategy, using data-based tools to identify gaps, patterns, and opportunities within campaigns and develop solutions to achieve outcomes.

Available Roles on the RT

Application Steps

  • Complete Application

    • Submit your resume
    • Respond to short-answer questions
    • Submit your location preferences
    • Provide two or more professional references
  • Complete Skills Activity

    RM candidates will be asked to perform data analysis, complete a writing activity, and submit a video. RA candidates will be asked to perform data analysis and complete a writing activity. More guidance will be provided when invited to complete the activities.

  • Interview

    Candidates will interview either virtually or in-person with recruitment team senior leaders. More details will be provided in interview invitations.

  • Receive Notification

    Candidates who fit our recruitment team needs and have location preferences that match our openings will be extended formal job offers.

  • Onboarding and Training

    New RMs and RAs join staff in early July. You’ll begin with a comprehensive onboarding process that sets you up for success in your role. Throughout July, you’ll participate in virtual and in-person trainings, learn more about life on staff, and set goals. You’ll continue to be developed as you begin recruiting the new generation of corps members in August.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your most frequently asked questions about joining the RT.