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California Capital Valley

In the capital of California, corps members, alumni, and community leaders are uniquely positioned to help create state-wide policy change in education.
A TFA alumnus stands against a wall mural in Stockton, CA.
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About Us

About Us

The California Capital Valley launched in 2012 with 15 corps members in Sacramento and throughout the first 10 years grew to include partnership with schools throughout the Central Valley. Today, the CCV is home to over 500 alumni many of whom began their journey with Teach For America in a different region. Alumni have found opportunities to lead in many different communities in California’s Central Valley and are at the forefront of education in their community. 

As the capital of California, the CCV  provides a unique experience for Teach For America alumni to engage in all aspects of the development of education policy at the local and state level. Based in Sacramento, the CCV provides a front-row seat to the legislature, governor, and state administrative offices determining public policy on key education issues every day. 

Our Community

Our Community

The Great Central Valley is one of the most ecologically diverse environments in the world including deserts, grasslands, foothills and rivers that have supplied life, health and vitality for generations beginning with Yukot communities over a millennia ago. Today, the Valley includes growing metropolitan areas like Sacramento, Stockton, Fresno and Bakersfield that grew exponentially with the influx of people moving in from across the country and around the world.

Over the last 100 years, wide swaths of pristine land have been transformed through large scale agriculture, suburban sprawl, and population growth. The economic change has brought some of the most innovative and disruptive technology that continues to reshape opportunities, jobs, and pathways to economic mobility for students. We envision a future in which our students not only understand the language and structure of this rapidly changing reality but become the designers and architects of our future jobs, economy, and politics. 

CCV CM T. Wong teaching

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Get Involved

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Local Leadership

Teach For America Bay Area Executive Director Scott Richard

Scott Richards

Bay Area '09

Executive Director

Teach For America California Capital Valley

With roots in Central Valley, Scott Richards is committed to growing the movement of leaders needed to move the boundaries on what is possible in education as Teach For America California Capital Valley’s Executive Director.