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In 1963, Black youth from across Birmingham showed the power that they have by marching for justice and we strive to honor their legacy by ensuring that students across Alabama have access to opportunities they deserve.
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About Us

We are committed to working towards one of the greatest Civil Rights issues of our day: educational equity.

Firmly believing in the power of increased educational opportunity, four Black Belt community members sat down at Mustang Oil, a diner in rural Alabama, and decided to work to bring Teach For America to the state of Alabama. Despite many obstacles, they secured everything necessary to guarantee 30 teachers a place to work in Alabama’s Black Belt beginning in 2010. Since then, the Alabama region has rapidly expanded across the Black Belt and in some of our largest urban areas.

Our alumni base in Alabama is rapidly growing, with over 300 alumni living and working in Alabama, taking on major policy roles, becoming principals, and bringing AP classes, ACT prep, and college-level work to their schools. While we are far from finished in our fight for educational excellence in Alabama, we have maintained the grassroots spirit that first brought us here, and we are committed to working towards one of the greatest Civil Rights issues of our day, educational equity.

Hear from a current corps member and alum about their experience and their aspirations for the future of TFA Alabama.

“I spent three years teaching in rural Alabama and fell in love with my students and their home. That experience and love brought me back to Alabama. Coming back, I knew I’d have so much support from the Bamaly and could have an even bigger impact here. That solidified my move back from across the country.”

Mariohn Michel

Alabama Corps Member 2011

Living Here

The story of Alabama is one of triumph. Leaders from across Alabama fought for equity and civil rights for all people through the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act. We stand on their shoulders to fight for educational equity today.

For our corps members, living in Alabama means honoring the history of the work that has happened here, while continuing to work towards educational equity every day. Alabama is quickly being known for our vibrant art and film community, a thriving food and restaurant scene, and quickly growing entrepreneurial opportunities. Our members have found opportunities to build relationships with elected officials, community leaders, community members, families, and students in a way that might not be as easily accessible in other places in the nation. We have found that our members quickly grow and expand their networks by working side-by-side with local communities.

Our members also find opportunities for rest and relaxation by taking advantage of multiple sporting events all year long through professional and collegiate baseball, football, soccer, basketball, and gymnastics. They have also found opportunities to explore our state’s beautiful hiking trails, mountains, rivers, and campsites. Our state has multiple art and music festivals throughout the year and has been honored as one of the nation's fastest growing, high quality food scenes in the nation.


Our members mostly live in Birmingham, Marion, Tuscaloosa, Selma, and Montgomery and they teach in Birmingham, Greensboro, Marion, and Selma. These locations are centrally located and make trips around the state, Atlanta, Nashville, and New Orleans can all be quick weekend trips.


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What You'll Teach

Corps members may teach one or more of the following subjects, depending on the needs of our district partners. Approximately 70% of corps members are placed in middle and high school classrooms, with 30% teaching elementary.

  • Elementary
  • Middle School Science
  • Middle School Social Studies
  • Middle School Math
  • Middle School English
  • High School Science
  • High School Social Studies
  • High School Math
  • High School English
  • Spanish

Getting Certified to Teach

Certification can be obtained in two to three years depending on route taken:

  • Two years for a master's degree (Interim Employment Certificate – IEC )
  • Three years for the non-masters degree route (Provisional Certificate in Teaching Field - PCTF)
  • Two years for the non-masters degree route (Conditional Certificate in a Teaching Field)
  • Costs can range depending on whether teachers want to pursue a post-baccalaureate alternative teaching certification (lower end of cost spectrum) or a Master’s Degree.

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