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Channeling extraordinary talent into education


TFA alumni and corps members are remarkable and passionate education advocates. Our leaders join the TFA network from all backgrounds, experiences, and identities. 1

    TFA is among the country’s largest providers of teachers in low-income communities
    TFA is among the country’s largest providers of African American and Latino teachers
    TFA is among the country’s largest providers of STEM teachers

    Driving academic and personal growth with students

    Corps members produce an additional 1.3 months progress in reading

    Corps members produce an additional 1.3 months of progress in reading in pre-K through second grade classrooms, when compared to other teachers. 2

    Corps members produce more than 2.6 months progress in math

    Corps members’ students achieve 2.6 months or more additional progress in math in a given year than those taught by other teachers at the same school.

    Inforgraphic showing 86% of principals are satisfied with the corps members working in their schools

    86 percent of principals TFA partners with are satisfied with the corps members working in their schools. 3


    TFA is consistently ranked one of the most effective teacher education programs in North Carolina and Tennessee, in terms of impact on student achievement. 4


    Hundreds of corps members and alumni have been honored as teachers of the year by their school, district, or state.

    Developing leaders through teaching


    Our corps members find that classroom leadership is foundational for their long-term leadership. They gain context, clarity, and conviction to lead a life of impact in every career sector. Studies show the TFA experience intensifies the belief that the so-called achievement gap is actually an opportunity gap that is solvable—meaning that children from low-income backgrounds can compete academically with children from more affluent backgrounds.

    While a small percentage enter the corps already planning to pursue a career in education long term, after the experience nearly 65 percent of our alumni work in education and 84 percent work in roles impacting education or low-income communities. 5

    Fueling enduring change with communities


    Armed with a firsthand understanding of what it takes to help students fulfill their true potential, our alumni are leading and working across sectors to expand educational opportunity.

    In addition to the numbers noted below, more founders and top leaders of entrepreneurial education organizations started their careers with TFA than anywhere else. 6

    Over 1,250 alumni serve in school or system leadership

    Alumni serve in school or system leadership roles

    Over 320 alumni work as advocacy, policy, or organizing leaders nationwide

    Alumni work as advocacy, policy, or organizing leaders nationwide

    120 alumni serve as union leaders

    Alumni serve as union leaders

    95 elected officials started their careers with TFA

    Elected officials started their careers with TFA

    Building a Diverse Coalition, Striving for Justice


    We recruit from specific communities individuals who are uniquely poised to make a profound impact in the classroom. Together with students and families, we’re striving to create justice and opportunity for all people.

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